Quality Card

. . . because we put our heart into it . . . !!

Quality Card

B&B owners who subscribe to this Quality Card undertake to respect the management philosophy of the B&B, which translates into an attitude and service aimed at complete customer satisfaction. Each host shows an openness and courtesy that makes their B&B a unique and exclusive space, where true and meaningful human relationships can be nurtured; and where connections to cultural roots, local traditions and territory are strong – all with the aim of satisfying the curiosity of the guest.


The B&B managers are committed to taking care of details and keeping their properties clean and orderly. Good service begins with the booking, which must receive a quick and clear response. It then goes on to include a welcome for the guest with information on timetables, house rules and opportunities during the stay at the B&B, and defining boundaries related to use by guests of the house.


Each B&B manager should:


  • offer a small welcome gift that best reflects your style;


  • have a list of restaurants in the area that you can recommend offering dishes typical of our area;


  • provide a list of useful phone numbers;


  • make available in a suitable area of the B&B up-to-date brochures of places to visit and excursions (with prices where possible), maps, and information on events in our province;


  • help the guest to choose any excursions, explaining uses, customs, legends and traditions;


  • leave available for reading any publications on local history and culture;


  • make available, on request: a hair dryer, an iron, shoe cleaning material, an


  • Ensure the use of a fridge, or part of one, for storing perishable foodstuffs or


Guests must be offered a delicious and abundant breakfast, prepared in hygienic conditions and with guaranteed quality, taking into consideration as much as possible the tastes and possible dietary requirements of the guests.


In offering foodstuffs, B&Bs undertake to prefer quality products of local and regional origin.


When the B&B is fully booked, provide advice to enquirers on alternative local accommodation, giving preference to other members of the Case Piemontesi Association.



Have a nice stay!


“… because we put our heart into it!”


                                                                                                 certificate of excellence 2019