The Dwelling

It will be like feeling right at your own home, with the only difference that we are going to prepare for you the breakfast.

The renovation of the dwelling was carried out with particular attention to the atmosphere and the location, to obtain the maximum comfort in the internal rooms. We opted for suitable technical solution, such as:

  • the firewood boiler,
  • solar thermal heating,
  • photovoltaic system,
  • mechanical ventilation system,
  • windows fixtures with triple glasses,
  • perimeter insulation.

We have also paid attention to the accessibility and usability of the rooms for the disabled people.

The furniture was studied to create a welcoming atmosphere, realised with natural material and with colours reminding the ones of the nature which is surrounding us.

Bathrooms are pleasantly following up the rooms by using the same material and colours.

The rooms are identified with the names of the three women who particularly loved these places and this house: Rita, Maria, Teresa.
The name itself of our B&B “Orto di Marisa – Marisa’s Vegetable Garden” is Anna’s mother’s one – who did want the realisation of this house. Still today, with her 82 years, she is cultivating with passion the land next to the garden.

Maria’s room is located on the first floor while the other two, Rita and Teresa, are on the attic floor. You can reach them by an independent lift which allows the entrance to the rooms directly from the internal garden, where the cars can be parked.